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Alexa Heights 

We are committed to building a high - quality home that will add value to our customers. Also to build lucrative platforms for our shareholders.  

Alexa Heights Entrance 3.jpg


Alexa Heights Subdivision

Bringing the pilot project at Agsungot, Cebu City. We strive to expand and to build quality-affordable home for every Filipino community in Cebu, and the whole Philippines. 


Kylle Unit Model

A quality home is a quality of living.


Straightforward and elegant, the KYLLE unit is the perfect single detached for a standard family size.

It features a spacious yard for landscaping and carefully planned areas that suits to our everyday life activities because you deserve a place you can call home.

Kylle Unit Model.jpg


Ikigai Unit Model

Ikigai is a life of purpose. For this reason, we are delighted to present the art of Single Attached. You can enjoy the entire property with your family and friends.     


Kendra Unit Model

Kendra is designed as Rear-Attached wherein you will enjoy the unit that has firewall at the back allowable in the property line. 

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