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About us




Our Story:




The founder Mr. Alex Mabaquiao And his co-founders started the year 2020 with the vision to be one of the strongest-and-leading innovative real estate holding corporations in town. 




Fortunately, the corporation was registered at Securities and Exchange Commission year 2021 as a holding company with the Authorized Capital of 11 million to engage in real estate activities despite the strict guidelines regarding the Pandemic. 


The first project development starts with Alexa Heights, located at Brgy. Agsungot, Cebu City, was implemented aggressively in December. 





Despite the calamity strikes in Cebu City with Typhoon Odette or Typhoon Rai


The corporation strives to continue its noble vision. We have seen many developers fail to meet the quality and durability standards considering the prefabricated methods in the construction. 


Many houses in the subdivisions were devastated, although it is still new. Many homes struggled, considering the long duration of black-out in the city without any solar backup. 


The management focuses on the precast method throughout the entire development. The design is organic and not painted—the traditional and modern ways to build a home. Our goal is to provide a quality that was built with passion and perseverance. Backup with solar renewable energy and underground lining distribution. 


With this, the Securities and Exchange Commission approved the 60 million increase in capital with the current hard assets of 150 million pesos. 


Our CEO, Mr. Alex Mabaquiao, MBA, received prestige recognition from the Indian Achievers Award for his strong vision, indomitable spirit, and high IQ & EQ level test result. 




BlueRise successfully engages JV partnerships in the north and south of Cebu with landowners, suppliers, and investors for expansion. We have launched Alexa Homes near commercial areas and Alexa Sea View near the ports or beach areas. 


Today, sales reservations are now growing almost every day, including the popularity of the company. 


We are one of the corporations that created a sustainable plan and long-term engagement with our clients. 


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