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Les Salvador offers picturesque natural landscapes, unique cultures, and countless recreation opportunities, located in Agsungot, Cebu. Les Salvador offers a place to relax and unwind while being surrounded by majestic views. This place provides luxurious accommodations surrounded by stately trees, enveloped in the crisp mountain air. 

Mountain Resort with Hot Spring

Cebu, The Queen City of the South. Locals often seek locations that promise comfort, relaxation, and leisure to unwind, such as beach resorts. An option for beach resorts is to head to a mountain resort, where you can connect with nature and its verdant panorama.



 A really peaceful time with the pure beauty of nature is made possible by the resort's simplicity and minimalism.  Blessed with panoramic nature views and refreshing mountain air, Les Salvador is a perfect nature wonderland that can be enjoyed by your loved ones anytime of the year. 



There are plenty of mountain resorts dotted across  Cebu and are perfect for any kind of traveler from solo, couple, family, or big groups. If you’re seeking some peace and quiet and a break to dine from the city life, head over to Les Salvador.

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