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Corporate Responsibility

Real Estate Portfolio

We establish JV partnership for lucrative engagement, custom and viable business plan and project development.
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We are investing to develop our reputable workforce to gain added value in the corporation. Even more reasons to trust in us.
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Investor Relation
We offer long-term engagement for our shareholders that will drive the expansion.

Endorsed by Leaders

The Corporation has been recommended by distinguished Leaders in the Philippines as we have successfully onboarded new projects in the entire Cebu province.  

We would like to officially welcome BlueRise in Cebu City Real Estate Developer.

Hon. Mike Rama

Cebu City Mayor

I would like to officially congratulate BlueRise for celebrating it's first anniversary. 

Gretchen Fullido

Journalist ABS-CBN

I would like to Congratulate BlueRise for Celebrating it's Second Year of Incorporation. We are supporting the development as we aim to be Singapore like Cebu. 

Hon. Alvin Garcia

Vice-Mayor Cebu City

As you can see, BlueRise is very transparent company. I can attest to the legitimacy of the company, having examined their documents as a real estate developer. 

Engr. Junny Estardo

President of Estardo Fabulous Realty. Top Broker

Project Development and Partners

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