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As part of the Corporate's battle cry for the year 2023 to be the strongest-and-leading Real Estate Holding in Cebu with an asset of 1.5 billion pesos and capital of 60 million, we are working hard to strengthen our brand and products for the development and business expansion.

With this, we launched one of the pilot projects at northern Cebu "Alexa Sea View" in Bogo City and it is extended in San Remigio Cebu and Daanbantayan, Cebu.

Also, we have started the project engagement of Alexa Homes at Bogo City and Medellin Cebu.

The goal is to strive for quality and quantity will follow as part of our amended business plan. Rise with Innovation, quality above all.

Join us and be part of the noble and brave vision, email us

For career, please email us at

If you are interested to grab a unit of Alexa Sea View or Alexa Homes please don't hesitate to contact

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