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Updated: Feb 1

BlueRise Holding Ent. Corporation wouldn’t stand out without the true warriors that stand behind its back – its pillars, the founders of BlueRise. The contributions of the founding members have been key elements in the successful build-up of the company, with their dogged determination, persistence, and tenacity.

Alex Mabaquiao Jr., MBA is a Master of Business Administration at NTU Singapore. Formerly, he worked as the President of LTBS Corp. in-partnership with Frappie Technologies Pvt. Ltd. based in Mumbai India. This company is into global enterprise software solution. He is the brain in the expansion of the company in the Philippines.

Currently, he is the President and CEO of BlueRise Holding Ent. Corp. He was recognized as the CEO of The Year in 2022 by the Indian Achiever’s Award considering his Debating performance, high EQ and IQ tests result.

He is passionate in BJJ wearing colored belt, Two Times Gold medalist and The No. 1 Nogi Fighter in the Philippines at ASSJF Dumao Japan Master 1 Division. A Muay Thai practitioner winning several competition.

Mr. Carlito Jalapit, CPA is a certified public accountant with 30 years of experience. He also worked for World Vision Philippines and is currently the Vice President of Finance at BlueRise Holding Ent. Corporation.

Dr. Salvador Demeterio is the Vice Chairman of BlueRise Holding Ent. Corporation. He is a medical doctor with a 30 years of experience in his field. He is one of the trusted medical leader in the Social Security System (SSS)

The founders met at a company and established trust and strong relationship like a family for over 10 years.

With this, they have conceptualized the business model and came up to create BlueRise. Started in 2020 and Established in 2021, BlueRise has a distinctive and unique structure in building the entire organization. Resilience, Glory and Stability.

The company, however, specializes in creating strategically partitioned residences. BlueRise started with a capital of P11,000,000 then amended to the increase the capital to P61,000,000.

They aim to become a multi-billion corporation in the Philippines and target to become a publicly listed corporation. Also, the company wants to expand their business in partnerships with banks and other corporation. To maintain its noble and comprehensive advocacy, the corporation is committed to increasing and raising its net worth or resources.

The founders believe that the success of their company and its clients is a prerequisite. All three founders are dedicated to achieving this success by hiring great employees. BlueRise holds its success because of the great leadership, vision, and patience of its founders. All of this can be found in BlueRise as they believe anything else would distract from this pursuit.

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